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Corfu Wedding – Tips Perfect Wedding

Nothing is more important that you’re Wedding Day. Check out our tips for a perfect wedding and magical moments.

By Corfu Wedding Planner ‘My Fairytale Day’


Corfu Easter

Experience Easter in Corfu for wonderful and rich moments. Each year, this celebration brings thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad. You will enjoy 10 days of festival with rituals that are found nowhere else, concerts of classical music and opera, church music.

Palm Sunday
Celebration which says that Saint Spyridon free Corfu of a deadly plague in 1629.
At 11:00 am the Saint Spyridon procession is taking place escorted by all philharmonic bands.

Good Monday & Tuesday

Enjoy various events as music evenings.
Don’t forget to buy a ‘Fogatsa’ (brioche decorated with a red egg)

Good Wednesday

The Unctions are sung at all the churches. A concert of church music is taking place at the Municipal Theatre.

Holy Thursday

This day, Corfiot people are painting the Eggs.
Last days before the celebration of Easter, all churches are representing the Crucification of Jesus. In the old town, you can hear philharmonic bands.

Good Friday

The epitaph processions are starting early in the afternoon (14:30). The processions are following a specific itinerary coming out from every church of the old town and is escorted The last procession but also the most magnificent is starting at 22:00 from the church of the Metropolis and is escorted d by by the main bands of Corfu playing different songs as Adagio of Albinoni, the Marcia Funebre by G. Verdi, the Elegia Funebre, the Sventura Mariani and the funeral march of Chopin. The decoration of the Liston decorated with purple Venetian style lights makes the atmosphere unique.
Holy Saturday
The events and rites of Holy Saturday are probably the best moments of Easter in Corfu. At At 06:00 the representation of the Earthquake is taking place in the Madona for foreigners.
At 09:00 the procession of the Epitaph of the church of Saint Spiridon is taking place inside of the church with the presence of bands playing funeral tunes as Amleto.
At 11:00 am the first bell will announce the First Resurrection.
At that 11:01, local people throw ceramic pots «botides» filled with water out of their windows, smashing them onto the streets below. At the same time church bells are pealing , Easter festivities can now begin. The Philharmonic bands come back into the streets and are playing joyful music.

At midnight the spectacular celebration of the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated in the Upper Esplanada in Corfu Town with marvellous fireworks. Each church of each village has its own ceremony.
Easter Sunday
The procession of the icon of Resurrection will take place around Corfu town but also villages. Then, time is for festivities called ‘Glenti’, Easter meal with lambs on the spit, sweet wine, red eggs, music and dancing

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